About Us

Who we are

AACA is the national voice for architect registration boards around Australia. AACA owns the National Standard of Competency for Architects. The National Standard underpins all assessment processes including the accreditation of architecture programs leading to registration as an architect in Australia.

Set up as a not-for-profit organisation, we were established in the 1970s in response to the need for a nationally consistent approach to eligibility for registration and the recognition of overseas qualifications in architecture.

We are building our capacity as the key source of information about the architecture profession in Australian and how it compares with architectural education and regulation around the world.

What we do

Locally we:

  • Consult with key organisations to develop, maintain and promote the National Standard of Competency for Architects
  • Develop and provide competency-based assessment programs to determine eligibility for registration as an architect in Australia
  • Together with the Australian Institute of Architects we own the Australian and New Zealand Architectural Program Accreditation Procedure

Internationally we:

  • Facilitate international mutual recognition agreements in regard to architectural education and registration as an architect in Australia
  • Assess overseas qualifications for architects seeking to register as an architect in Australia
  • Provide accurate data on the profession of architecture in Australia and overseas

Who we work with

AACA operates as the gatekeeper of threshold standards for eligibility to practice as an architect in Australia. We work with:

  • State & Territory Architects Registration Boards
  • Australian Institute of Architects
  • Associations of Consulting Architects in Australia
  • Australian Schools of Architecture
  • Commonwealth Government Departments of Education and Immigration and Border Control

Collaboration with Architect Registration Boards

Each of the Nominating Bodies (architect registration boards) is an independent statutory authority and is responsible for administering the Architects Act in its jurisdiction. The Boards and the AACA work in collaboration on matters of national interest to the profession, industry and the public.

Directors of AACA include:

  • Catherine Townsend, President
  • Deborah Dearing
  • Kirsten Orr
  • David Sainsbery
  • John Taylor

CEO: Kate Doyle

Contact Information

Architects Accreditation Council of Australia
Suite 3, Level 5
75 Castlereagh Street

PO Box A2575

(612) 8042 8930
[email protected]