Architectural Practice Examination

Part 2:  National Examination Paper 

After satisfying the Architectural Practice Examination Part 1 requirements candidates are eligible to sit the National Examination Paper.

Examination of professional knowledge is an important part of the APE as a whole. The objective of the National Examination Paper is to provide a reliable and valid test of knowledge and application of relevant performance criteria in the National Standard of Competency for Architects. Candidates must pass the National Examination Paper as a condition of admission to Part 3, the Examination by Interview.

The National Examination Paper is a 90 minute ‘closed book’ scenario computer-based exam.  

  • it consists of 9 scenarios with each scenario having 5 multiple choice questions making a total of forty-five questions to be answered in 90 minutes
  • each multiple choice question has 4 responses with one correct response
  • each question is worth one mark.
  • correct answers are scored as one mark and incorrect answers as a zero mark  
  • negative marking is removed
  • all candidates receiving feedback with their results based on the Performance Criteria tested in the exam.       

See the Guide for Candidates and the links below for detailed guidance about the National Examination Paper.  

Important Information for Candidates on the revised National Examination Paper

AACA NEP Sample Scenario


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