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The revised National Standard of Competency for Architects is now available in on- line format.

The National Standard of Competency for Architects (NSCA) is the overarching document that establishes the Standard for architectural education and assessment of professional competency prior to registration as an Architect in Australia. The Standard describes what is reasonably expected of a person who can demonstrate the standard of skill, care and diligence widely accepted in […]

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National Recognition of Architects’ Registration

One step closer! The Productivity Commission’s Review into Mutual Recognition Schemes published on 25 September 2015 recommends that State and Territory Governments should make the legislative changes necessary to implement the proposed National Recognition of Architects’ Registration scheme. See here for the full report.

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This Week

Applications now open for 2015 NPRA
Stage 1 Eligibility applications for this years NPRA are now open.
Please find the 2-Part Application Form on the Forms & Fees page of our website.

Have you got an overseas qualification and want to get registered?
See our Overseas Qualificaitons Assessment page for more information.

New research on the architectural profession in Australia
The AACA study provides a detailed benchmarking comparison of requirements in each jurisdiction, viewable through a customisable online matrix on the website. A new profile of the Australian architectural sector is also downloadable as a companion document to the study. Please view findings at:

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National Galaxy Poll: The Benefit of Design

Key findings from a national Galaxy Poll on the benefits of good design for public buildings and public spaces

97% of Australians believe that cities and towns are better to live in when public buildings and public spaces are well designed.

99% say that it is important to invest in the good design of hospitals and schools.

93% of Australians agree that ‘having a qualified and experienced designer involved from start to finish [public buildings and residential apartments] would result in fewer defects than if left to the builder alone’

If an apartment building was to be built in their area almost everyone (97%) would want the principles of design quality to be professionally considered and implemented in the design of the new building

The full Report is available here.

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First Australian Architect Registered in Canada Under the APEC Architect Agreement

Andrew Scott is the first Australian Architect to achieve registration in British Columbia, Canada through the Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) between Canada, Australia and New Zealand under the APEC Architect Project. The MRA was signed in February of this year and allows for fast-track cross- border registration for senior architects between the three countries. Read more about Andrew’s story.

Or see more about applying to be an APEC Architect.

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This week

Review of the RAE/RGE complete. Applications now open for revised process.

What does the architectural professional look like in Australia? Check out the latest industry research by AACA.

How do requirements for registration in Australia compare with those in New Zealand, USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore?

New Combined Stage 1 & 2 Assessment Process for residents in Australia with overseas qualification in architecture who would like to move towards registration.

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Review of the Recognition of Academic Equivalence/Graduate Equivalence (RAE/RGE) Finalised

Overseas Qualifications Assessment Stage 2 – Final Assessment process for applicants with overseas qualifications wanting to progress to APE for registration as an architect in Australia replaces the RAE/RGE processes. Stage 2 Final Assessment replaces the RAE and RGE with one process which allows applicants to provide academic and/or professional evidence to meet the required […]

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AACA Revised Programmes

The AACA has recently conducted reviews of the Review of Academic Equivalence (RAE), Review of Graduate Equivalence (RGE) and the National Program of Assessment (NPrA).

These programmes have been refined to improve programme clarity of purpose and streamline requirements to assist Applicants in their transition to registration in Australia.

The RAE/RGE will be replaced by Stage 2: Final Overseas Qualification Assessment, with applications opening on 22 June 2015 and;

NPrA 21 in 2015 will be open for applications at the end of July.

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