Overseas Qualifications Assessment

How can I have my overseas qualifications in architecture assessed for migration purposes?
Details about the process and the application form – Form PA – can be downloaded from the Overseas Qualifications Assessment page

Can you tell me whether my overseas qualification is recognised by AACA?
The AACA considers applications on a case by case basis. Therefore, we do not to provide advice on a qualification until a full application together with supporting documentation and payment of the fee has been received. Details about AACA’s Provisional Assessment process is provided in the Explanatory Notes accompanying Form PA.

Can I send my application and documents to AACA electronically?
Please carefully review the Explanatory Notes which accompany the Form being submitted to determine submission format. Currently, applicants submitting Form PA & Form V are required to provide documents which are in hardcopy and are certified in accordance with the outlined requirements. Applications for Form S2 are accepted electronically. Form CA require partial hardcopy submission.

If my overseas qualification is assessed as not suitable for the occupation architect for migration purposes, will AACA advise me how I can upgrade my qualifications to be able to meet the requirements?
Assessment of Overseas Qualifications is a two-stage process. Stage One – Provisional Assessment: based on academic qualifications obtained by coursework. Stage Two – Final Assessment: a detailed assessment of applicants’ experience gained through academic or professional practice. If unsuccessful in Stage Two, advice is provided on areas of deficiencies.

I had a Provisional Assessment a few years ago but my qualifications were found to be not suitable. Now that I have more experience I’d like to apply again.
If you are resident in Australia and have completed a Provisional Assessment you may be eligible to undertake Overseas Qualifications Assessment Stage 2 – Final Assessment.
If you are not resident in Australian and you wish to reapply for an assessment of your qualification for the purpose of migration, you may do so if you have completed additional qualifications in studies related to Architecture.

I’d like to have my qualifications assessed but am waiting for my university to provide one of the required documents. Can I submit my application now and send the remaining document later?
Applications must be complete when submitted, with all supporting documents in the required format. Clear instructions about documentation is provided in the Explanatory Notes which accompany AACA’s application forms.

How long is my skills assessment valid for?
For the purpose of migration, assessments are valid for three years.

What is the level of English language competency required by AACA?
For a Provisional Assessment AACA has no English language requirement. For a Final Assessment a standard English proficiency test is required if the qualification obtained was not undertaken in English. An IELTS Test Certificate (scoring 6.5 or above) or a letter from an employer certifying English language proficiency is sufficient evidence.

How long does it take to process an application for skills assessment?
Generally a maximum of 12-14 weeks to process applications once complete applications are received. If documentation is not complete, not properly certified or translated, or the fee is not paid in the prescribed way, the assessment may take longer as assessments cannot be completed until all documentation requirements have been fully met.

I’ve recently completed an accredited Australian architecture qualification, having previously completed a Bachelor of Architecture overseas. I’d like to have my qualifications assessed for migration purposes. What type of assessment do I apply for and what documents should I provide?
If your qualification is listed as an Accredited Australian Architecture Qualification, you should apply for a verification of your Australian qualification using Form V, found of the Forms & Fees page.

How long does it take to process an application for verification of an Australian qualification for migration purposes?
Applications for verification of Australian qualifications for migration purposes usually take no more than four weeks to complete, provided the fee and complete documentation is provided in accordance with AACA’s requirements. The requirements are set out in the Explanatory Notes which accompany the application form – Form V.

Overseas Qualifications Assessment – Stage 2 Final Assessment

What documentation is required to be submitted with a Stage 2 Final Assessment application?
Full details of the requirements for Stage 2 Final Assessment are provided in Explanatory Notes and the Application Form.

How am I notified for an interview?
The AACA will notify you via email.

What is the payment mode for the Stage 2 Final Assessment application fee?
The fee is payable to AACA by one of the following methods:
• a bank cheque in Australian dollars drawn by a bank outside Australia that has bank clearance arrangements with an Australian bank
• a foreign draft drawn on an Australian Bank in Australian dollars
• a bank cheque drawn by an Australian bank
• a money order issued by Australia Post
• funds transfer from an Australian bank account (this payment method is only for applicants residing in Australia).

Please see your Application Form for details.

I have changed my mailing address after submission of my Stage 2 Final Assessment application.  Do I need to notify AACA of my new mailing address?
Yes, you need to notify AACA if any of your contact details change.

I wish to withdraw my Stage 2 Final Assessment application. Can I ask for a refund of the application fee?
The application fee is not refundable.

Registration – no recognised qualification

I’ve been involved with building design for many years but I have no architecture qualifications. Can I become registered as an architect?
The National Program of Assessment (NPRA) was introduced for people who have no formal qualification in architecture, or whose qualification has assessed as not-equivalent to an accredited qualification, but who have substantial skill and experience in the architectural profession.

The NPRA is recognised by all Australian registration authorities as an alternative to successful completion of an accredited professional Australian qualification in architecture for the purpose of granted entry to the Architectural Practice Exam (APE). Successful completion of which required before applying to a State and Territory registration board to become registered as an architect.

I have overseas architecture qualifications, more than 10 years experience as an architect and have permanent residence. I’d like to apply for the Stage 2 Final Assessment to eventually become registered, but no longer have my student academic portfolio. What can I do?
The Stage 2 Final Assessment processes, formerly known as the RAE/RGE now allows candidates to provide academic and/or professional evidence in their applications. For more information please see the Stage 2 Final Assessment Explanatory Notes.

Architectural Practice Exam (APE)

Can I still use the logbook I downloaded before 31 October 2015?
The National Competency Standard for Architects has been revised. In the transition to implementation of the Standard across all AACA assessment processes candidates for the APE in 2016 may submit the logbook downloaded before 31 October 2015 or the current logbook on our website.

When are the APE Part 2 exams held?
The exams are generally held twice yearly: the first Tuesday in April and the last Tuesday in August. You can contact the Architect Board in your jurisdiction to check the dates for application and submission of logbooks.

Are there any training courses available prior to undertaking the APE?
Most Registration Boards offer relevant preparatory briefing sessions for the APE; details can be obtained by contacting the Board directly. Briefing sessions should not be confused with the courses promoted as preparation for the APE by other organizations; such courses are not endorsed by AACA. Attendance at these courses may benefit candidates in their preparation for the APE, but attendance is voluntary.

Are there any sample APE Part 2 (NEP) exam papers available for prospective APE candidates?
A sample NEP and corresponding answers are available from the publications page.

How important is my statement of practical experience?
Your statement of experience is most important and should be well considered and clearly expressed as it will be discussed in your Part III interview. It is important that this statement encompasses your overall experience and is clearly linked to your logged experience.

Logbook of Practical Experience

Can the order of the logsheets be re-sequenced or additional pages added later?
Sequential date order of logsheets is not mandatory.

What are the submission requirements for the Electronic Logbook?
Please read the Procedures for Candidates and the Logbook Information Booklet. Check with the architects registration board in your jurisdiction for submission requirements.

There is insufficient space to log all my experience; can I add additional logsheet pages?
There are 80 pages in the Logbook; this should be sufficient.

Is there a password for the Logsheets so that I may unlock them for my editing purposes?
No, the Electronic Logbook is a locked document and is in a set format.

Can I transfer my logged experience from a manual logbook to an electronic logbook?

Can I still submit using a manual logbook?
Electronic submission of Logbooks is mandatory from 1 January 2012.

Mutual Recognition

I have a New Zealand qualification and my partner is registered as an architect in New Zealand.  How can we become registered in Australia?
Mutual recognition agreements are in place between Australia and New Zealand registration authorities, for recognition of architecture qualifications and registration. Further details are available from International Issues.

Under the APEC Architect Agreement mutual recognition agreements for eligible experienced architects exist between:

  • Australia and Japan
  • Australia, New Zealand and Singapore
  • Australia, New Zealand and Canada
  • How to find an architect

    How can I check whether an architect is registered?
    In each State and Territory of Australia it is a legal requirement that any person using the title ‘Architect’ or offering services to the public as an Architect, must be registered with the Architects’ registration board in that jurisdiction. You can search the architects registers in most Australian jurisdictions by going to the Architects in Australia portal. Alternatively you can contact the Architects’ registration board in your state and Territory.

    Duplicate Copies of Documents

    I have lost or no longer possess an original copy of my provisional or skills assessment letter. Can I request a duplicate copy?
    Yes, you may request a duplicate copy of your provisional or skills assessment letter. However, you will have to provide the following before the duplicate can be issued:

    • a Statutory Declaration stating the reasons why you need a copy of the Skills / RAE / NPrA assessment letter, your full name and date of birth, the name of your qualification, date of graduation and institution from which the qualification was obtained.
    • A fee of AU$50.00 for reissue to overseas applicants or $25.00 for local applicants is payable by bank cheque or Australia Post Money Order.

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