Pathways to Registration as an Architect in Australia

The National Standard of Competency for Architects (NSCA) underpins all programs that lead registration as an Architect  in Australia.
The Standard identifies the primary activities that are fundamental to the practice of architecture and in relation to which an architect is expected to demonstrate competence in the delivery of professional services.

Architects in Australia
In each state and territory of Australia it is a legal requirement that any person using the title ‘architect’ or offering services to the public as an architect, must be registered with the Architects’ Board in that jurisdiction. Each State and Territory of Australia has its own architects registration board and publishes a register of architects.

Steps to Registration
Generally, there are three steps required for registration as an architect in Australia:
     • Successfully complete an accredited qualification in architecture or equivalent;
     • Complete a period of relevant professional experience followed by successful completion of the Architectural Practice Examination (APE);
     • Apply for registration to the Architects’ Board in the State or Territory in which the applicant wishes to practice.

Find your Pathway to Registration

Graduate of Australian Accredited Architecture Qualification Graduate of Overseas Architecture Qualification No Qualification Industry Experience
(7 years’ experience)
  Registered APEC Architect from economy with mutual recognition agreement with Australia
(Japan, Singapore or Canada)
Experienced Overseas Practitioner
(7+ years’ experience + portfolio complex projects)
Locally Experienced Practitioner
(7+ years’ experience + portfolio complex projects)
Complete a recognised qualification Overseas Qualifications Assessment (OQA) Program National Program of Assessment (NPrA) Or Built Work Program of Assessment (BWPrA) (via the NSW ARB, authorship complex buildings)   Certification as APEC Architect in home economy with mutual recognition agreement with Australia Experienced Practitioner Assessment (EPA) Program National program of assessment for Locally Experienced Practitioners (LEP)
Architectural Practice Examination   Competency Assessment Interview
Red-arrow-outline-down   Red-arrow-outline-down
Application to State or Territory Architects Registration Board

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