Forms & Fees

The following is a list of application forms for AACA processes and the fees applicable to them, effective from 1 January 2015. Each application form is accompanied by explanatory notes which prospective applicants are encouraged to read carefully to ensure their application meets AACA’s requirements. Please note: AACA is no longer accepting Form M and Form R. Please ensure you are using the current forms.

Application form Fee (AUD) Guide Form

Form PA - Overseas Qualifications Assessment

Stage 1 – Provisional  Skills Assessment of overseas qualifications in architecture

$1,050 Form

Form S2 - Overseas Qualifications Assessment

Stage 2 – Final  Skills Assessment of overseas qualifications in architecture.

$1,200 Form

Form CA - Overseas Qualifications Assessment

Combined Stage 1 & 2 Skills Assessment of overseas qualifications in architecture.

$1,500 Form

Form V - Australian Accredited Architecture Qualification

Application for Skills Assessment for Migration purposes of Australian accredited architecture qualification

$250 Form

Provisional Assessment Appeal Form

Application for appeal against the assessment of overseas academic qualifications in architecture for migration purposes under the general skilled migration categories.

$750 Form

Form OA - Overseas Architect Assessment

The Overseas Architect Assessment Program provides a ‘fast-track’ to registration in Australia for overseas architects who have the appropriate skills and knowledge and are not eligible for registration under existing mutual recognition agreements.

$2,500 Form

Form OA MODIFIED - Overseas Architect Assessment

Applicants to the ‘Modified’ program must have successfully completed any stage of the AACA Overseas Qualifications Assessment (Provisional Assessment, Final Assessment, Combined Assessment, Review of Academic Equivalence (RAE), Review of Graduate Equivalence (RGE)) or Migration Skills Assessment.

$1,000 Form

US/Australia/New Zealand Mutual Recognition Arrangement

This is for Australian Architects wishing to become licensed in one of the jurisdictions in the US who are signatories to the Agreement.

$150 Guide Form

Australian APEC Architect

$140 Form

Application APEC Architects from Canada, Japan and Singapore

$600 Guide Form

National Program of Assessment for Locally Experienced Practitioners

This program provides an alternate pathway to registration for graduates of Australian accredited architecture programs with relevant experience at executive level in complex projects.

$850 Form

NPRA Stage 1 - Eligibility - Application Form

Please refer to relevant components of National Standard of Competency for Architects (NCSA) as guidance for the Statement of Claim.

$1,100 Guide

NPRA Stage 1 - Eligibility - Work Experience Spreadsheet

as above Form

APE Logbook

Free Form

Reissue of Assessment Outcome Certificate

Overseas applicants. To request a reissued certificate please contact [email protected]


Reissue of Assessment Outcome Certificate

Local applicants.  To request a reissued certificate please contact [email protected]