Overseas Qualifications Assessment

Assessment of overseas architecture qualifications, for the purpose of migration and registration as an architect in Australia

The AACA is the authority nominated by the Commonwealth government of Australia for assessing overseas  qualifications in architecture for the purpose of migration to Australia under the Australian Government Skilled Migration Program, for the occupation ‘Architect’, ANZSCO code 232111.

The two-stage OQA process is used to determine an overseas academic qualifications’ comparability with a current Australian accredited qualification in architecture. Once an applicant’s qualification has been deemed comparable they are eligible to undertake the Architectural Practice Examination (APE), successful completion of which is required before applying for registration as an architect with a state or territory architects registration board.


OQA Stage 1

Provisional Assessment

For Overseas Applicants
(Migration Skills Assessment)
A desk-based assessment of overseas qualifications in architecture.


OQA Stage 2

Final Assessment

Once Resident in Australia
Assessment by portfolio submission and interview.


OQA Stage 1 & 2

Combined Assessment

If Already in Australia
Streamlined process for those already in Australia.



Verification Assessment

For applicants with Australian accredited academic qualifications in architecture applying for certain classes of visa.

The AACA is also the assessing authority for verification of Australian accredited academic qualifications in architecture for migration purposes.

A list of Australian accredited academic qualifications in architecture is available here.

If you are applying to migrate to Australia and you have a recognised academic qualification in architecture from an Australian accredited school of architecture, you are required to obtain verification of that qualification from the AACA. Please see here for the Application Form.

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