National Standard of Competency for Architects

The National Standard of Competency for Architects (NSCA)

The National Standard of Competency for Architects establishes the Standard for architectural education and assessment of professional competency prior to registration as an Architect in Australia. The Standard identifies the primary activities that are fundamental to the practice of architecture and in relation to which an architect is expected to demonstrate competence in the delivery of professional services.

Mapping of Assessment Programs
The Standard maps the development of competency on the path to registration as an architect in Australia.
NSCA Briefing Document

Accreditation of Architecture Programs
Accredited Architecture Qualifications
Benchmarking Australia with other registration systems (June 2017)
Australian Architectural Education and Competency Framework (AAECF) Final Report (March 2016)
Australia and New Zealand Architecture Program Accreditation Procedure (ANZ APAP) Manual (2013)
ANZ APAP Quick Reference Guidelines for Visiting Panels (2013)
ANZ APAP Review 2015 – 2017
ANZ APAP Review – Final Report (June 2017)
ANZ APAP Review – Stakeholder Consultation Report – Summary of Stakeholder Submissions (May 2017)
ANZ APAP Review – Stakeholder Consultation Pack – Addendum draft Evidence Guidelines for providers and panel members (April 2017)
ANZ APAP Review – Stakeholder Consultation Pack (March 2017)
ANZ APAP Review – Stage 2 Terms of Reference (September 2016)
ANZ APAP Review – Stage 1 – Final Report (June 2016)
ANZ APAP Review – Stage 1 Terms of Reference (Sep 2015)
Architectural Practice Exam
Logbook of Experience in Architectural Practice 
The objective of Part 1 – Logbook and Statement of Practical Experience is to determine eligibility for entry to the Architectural Practice Examination.
Candidates review the Procedure for Candidates Booklet before starting the Logbook.


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Logbook Guidance An overview of how to complete the Logbook.
AACA NEP Sample Scenario  The National Examination Paper is a closed book ‘on-line’, scenario based examination. The sample scenario is posted to demonstrate the structure of the paper and nature of the likely nature of the scenarios.

Revised NEP – Important Information for Candidates

The AACA has a policy of continuous improvement to all assessment programs.  This information outlines the main changes to the National Examination Paper which will be implemented in April 2018.


General Publications
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AACA Strategic Plan 2017-2019
AACA Annual Report 2014-15
Regulation of the Architect Profession within Australia – An Overview February 2015
Press Releases
Fast track to registration for experienced overseas architects

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