National Competency Standards in Architecture  (click here for information on current review of NCSA)

National Competency Standards in Architecture

The National Competency Standards (NCSA)

This booklet lists all the Competency Standards required for registration as an architect in Australia and New Zealand. That is, the competencies required to perform the activities within the profession of architecture to the standard expected in practice.

Please note:The other documents in the NCSA suite (i.e. Procedures for Candidates, Reference Guide for APE Candidates, and the Logbook of Experience in Architectural Practice) have been updated.

NCSA Integrated Framework
This document identifies how the ‘Contexts’ and ‘Elements’ of the NCSA are integrated into the various AACA processes and documents.
Procedures for Candidates (NCSA PC)This booklet provides details on all the processes toward registration through Competency Based Assessment including the Review of Academic Equivalence (RAE), The Review of Graduate Equivalence (RGE), the National Program of Assessment (NPrA) and the Architectural Practice Examination (APE).
Logbook of Experience in Architectural Practice (NCSA/LB)
The purpose of the Logbook is to record in condensed, but nevertheless specific form, the Candidate’s fulfilment of the mandatory experience requirements for access to the APE. The information contained in the Logbook, and the manner in which it is presented and certified play important roles in the assessment of a Candidate’s eligibility for admission to the APE and will be used as a source of information concerning the practical experience of the Candidate. An electronic version of the Logbook is now available, and is in two sections as indicated below.Candidates should carefully read the first section prior to downloading and completing the second section. When opening the Log Sheets (using the link below) please ensure your computer’s macros are enabled.  MAC users:  If the ‘drop down’ tabs are not displaying when you select a field, go to ‘page layout’ from ‘view’ on the tool bar.


Please note: As from 1 January 2015 candidates for the APE must log a minimum of 3,300 in their logbook which is assessed in Stage 1 of the APE. If you completed your log book prior to 20 November 2014 when the revised logbook was uploaded you should contact the Architects Registration Board in your State or Territory.

Reference Guide for APE Candidates (NCSA REF/G)  This booklet provides reference information for intending APE Candidates.
Sample National Examination Paper and Answer Sheet   Note:  The APE is not an educative process.  The sample paper is posted to illustrate the structure of the paper and nature of the scenarios likely to be encountered in the NEP.  The issues frequently concern matters of current practice which can develop with the effluxion of time.  Candidates are cautioned to ensure that the answers remain relevant to contemporary practice.
APE Briefing Presentation
AACA has prepared a short presentation, which summarises key elements of the APE process, for those who are unable to attend architects registration board briefing sessions.
APE Quality Assurance ProtocolsQuality Assurance processes are in place for all aspects of the APE to ensure nationally consistent application of examination procedures.
General Publications
Role of Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA)
AACA/RAIA Joint Policy On Continuing Professional Development
Architects’ Model Statutory Code of Professional Standards and Conduct
Australian and New Zealand Architecture Program Accreditation Procedure 
AACA Strategic Plan 2013-2016
AACA Annual Report 2012-13 – Key Initiatives
Annual Report 2013-14

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