Accredited Architecture Qualifications

Academic Qualifications in Architecture

The following academic qualifications in architecture are accredited by the Australian state and territory architect registration boards and are approved for the purpose of entry into the Architectural Practice Exam:

AACA only recognises qualifications obtained by coursework. Accreditation is subject to review.

Australian Schools of Architecture Accredited Qualification and Course Code Previous Accredited Qualifications


University of Canberra M Arch 913AA B Arch


University of Sydney M Arch MAARCHIT2000 B Arch
University of New South Wales M Arch 8143 B Arch
University of Technology Sydney M Arch C04235 B Arch; Advanced Dip in Arch (NSWIT)
University of Newcastle M Arch 12060 B Arch


Bond University M Arch SD-93017 or SD-94007  
The University of Queensland M Arch 5429 B Arch, (M Arch Studies, General Practice Stream – 1997),
Queensland University of Technology M Arch DE80 M Arch AR49; B Arch; (Grad Dip Arch); (Dip Arch)
Griffith University M Arch 5558  


University of Adelaide M Arch 3CM015 B Arch; (Dip Tech [Arch])
University of South Australia M Arch DMAE B Arch; (Dip Tech [Arch])


University of Tasmania M Arch D7C B Arch; (Grad Dip Arch); (Dip Arch)


University of Melbourne M Arch MC-ARCH (A05-DA or MC-ARCH2Y); M Arch (A05-DB or MC-ARCH3Y) M Arch – Option C (052)*; B Arch. (*Students who have completed the 150 point M Arch are advised to contact the Faculty of Architecture, Building & Planning to ascertain whether they meet the requirements for Option C)
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology M Arch MC163 B Arch; (Assoc & Fellowship Dips in Arch)
Deakin University M Arch S700 or S701 M Arch (Design)(Coursework); B Arch; (M Arch (Practice) 1998-2007)
Oceania Polytechnic No course is currently accredited B Arch (accredited to December 2011 only)
Monash University F6001 (from 2016)  M Arch 3120 (until 2015)


University of Western Australia M Arch 25520  
Curtin University of Technology
Please note: MArch offered by Open Universities Australia through Curtin University is not currently accredited.
M Arch MC-ARCH B Arch; (Assoc in Arch)
New Zealand Schools of Architecture * Current Accredited Qualifications Previous Accredited Qualifications
University of Auckland (University of New Zealand) M Arch (Prof) B Arch; (Dip Arch)
Victoria University of Wellington M Arch (Prof) B Arch
UNITEC Institute of Technology M Arch (Prof) B Arch
Joint NZIA/AERB Special Examination Certificate  
Singapore School of Architecture * Current Accredited Qualification
National University of Singapore M Arch (from July 1999)
Hong Kong Schools of Architecture * Current Accredited Qualification
University of Hong Kong M Arch (from December 2010)
Chinese University of Hong Kong M Arch (from December 2010)

* Academic qualifications in architecture/Board Examinations from countries with which AACA has an inter-recognition agreement

National Program of Assessment (NPRA)

Successful completion of the NPRA is accepted for AACA listing.

The Built Work Program of Assessment (BWPrA)

Successful completion of the BWPrA, established by the NSW Architect Registration Board, is accepted for AACA listing.

Board Examinations

The following Board Examinations that are no longer on offer are approved for AACA listing:#

  • NSW Assessment of Academic Equivalence for Registration (AAER)
  • QLD Queensland Board Prescribed Examination (Parts 1 & 2)
  • VIC Victorian Board Examination
  • WA Western Australia Board Examination


#Previously, those successful in these Examinations have been required to be registered in the first instance, in the relevant State in which they completed the Examination.

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