Accreditation of architecture programs: Changes approved due to COVID-19

With the evolving COVID-19 situation, AACA has analysed COVID-19 impacts on the accreditation of architecture programs. During March and April AACA has taken comments and advice from a number of sources including advisory committees and panels, and representatives from a number of Providers of tertiary architecture programs. In light of the current situation and the impact of COVID-19 disruptions to normal program delivery, in April the AACA referred recommended changes to the accreditation of architecture programs to the Architect Registration Boards.  By the end of May AACA had received unanimous support to the adoption of the proposed changes from the seven Architect Registration Boards that are the accrediting bodies for the 20 accredited architecture programs in Australia.

The approved changes are adoption of a 12 month “pause” of key accreditation activities and the application of a 12 month extension to all accredited programs. The “pause” to accreditation activities incorporates a one year deferment of all Accreditation Review Panels for accredited programs (and an associated extension to the period of accreditation of each program by one year) and adjustments to Provider Annual Reporting in 2020. New programs scheduled for an Accreditation Review Panel are being considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Key details of the changes have been communicated directly to impacted Providers, and are outlined here: Accreditation of Architecture Programs – Stakeholder Update Report – June 2020

The Stakeholder Update Report is distributed to the Executive of the ARBs, AACA, AIA, AASA and ADBED; the AACA Head of School listing for architecture programs; and the NZ RAB.

The Stakeholder Update Report includes updates on:

  • COVID-19 Impacts: changes to the accreditation of architecture programs
  • Reduced Provider Annual Reporting requirements in 2020 – requested for submission 30th June 2020
  • Accreditation Standing Panel
  • Accreditation Management Committee
  • Review of the National Standard of Competency for Architects

This and earlier Stakeholder Update Reports, as well as all other Architecture Program Accreditation documents can be found on the AACA Publications web page.

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