Accreditation of Architecture Programs

Registration of architects and accreditation of university architecture programs are the statutory responsibility of each of the Australian state and territory Architect Registration Boards.

The Australian and New Zealand Architecture Program Accreditation Procedure (ANZ APAP) sets out the basis on which architectural qualifications are accredited for the purpose of registering architects who provide architectural services in Australia. See here for the list of accredited qualifications. The Architects Accreditation Council of Australia, owner of the National Standard of Competency for Architects, administers the ANZ APAP.

The primary purpose of the ANZ APAP is to support professional registration of architects in Australia, and through it provide the foundation for high quality architectural practice in Australia. While its primary purpose is regulatory, the accreditation process also supports and promotes the exchange of views and information between regulators, the profession and universities.

The ANZ APAP aims to ensure that graduates from Australian and New Zealand Master of Architecture programs are appropriately qualified and competent. State and Territory ARBs have legislative responsibility for accrediting the Master of Architecture qualifications for the purposes of registration in Australia. The New Zealand Registered Architects Board accredits the Master of Architecture programs in New Zealand.

The National Standard of Competency for Architects is the foundation document on which Australian accreditation and registration processes are built. The Standard comprises 4 Units of Competency (Design, Documentation, Project Delivery and Practice Management) contain 70 Performance Criteria (PCs) — cross-referenced to 5 Knowledge Domains (Regulatory, Social and Ethical, Sustainable Environment, Disciplinary and Communication) — that need to be demonstrated either in terms of knowledge acquisition (K), skills acquisition (S) or the application of knowledge and skills acquisition in architectural practice (A). For the purposes of accreditation, architecture programs are required to demonstrate that students meet 37 of the 70 Performance Criteria at either knowledge, skill or application level by the time they graduate from the Master of Architecture.

The ANZ APAP is in the final stage of review. See here for the Final Report of the ANZAPAP Development Group, whose members included nominees from the key stakeholders in architecture education and accreditation. The transition stage will run from July to December while the Management Group is established and reporting templates and guidance for accreditation panel members and providers are developed in consultation with stakeholders.  

In the transition to full implementation of the revised ANZ APAP, 2017 National Visiting Panels will be run in accordance with the current procedure. See here.

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