Overseas Architects

Experienced Practitioner Assessment

The Experienced Practitioner Assessment Program provides a ‘fast-track’ to registration in Australia for overseas qualified architect practitioners with experience at the executive level in complex projects and are not eligible for registration under existing mutual recognition agreements.

Through a portfolio of complex projects applicants must demonstrate relevant experience in the practice of architecture at an Executive level. Successful completion of this program allows applicants to bypass the Architectural Practice Examination (APE) and apply directly for registration as an architect with their state or territory architects registration board.

For more information see the Guidance for applicants, the one page NSCA Performance Criteria Checklist, and the Application Form. .

APEC Architect

APEC Monitoring Committee


Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is a cooperative association between 21 regional economies, founded to promote economic and technical cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region.

APEC Architect Criteria

An APEC Architect is a person who is registered or licensed an architect in a participating economy, and whose name is enrolled on a section of the APEC Architect Register maintained by that economy.

APEC Architect Register

The APEC Architect Register lists the names of architects included on the Australian APEC Architect Register.


Application Forms

If you wish to apply to become registered as an APEC Architect you should download the following documentation.

Recognition Requirements

If you have obtained APEC Architect status from an economy other than Australia and you wish to practice as an architect in Australia, what should you do?

Further Information

Further information on the APEC Architect.

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