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AACA Update on the Coronavirus COVID-19 (16 March 2020)

The AACA is continuing to monitor the Coronavirus COVID-19 situation. We are following the guidance of the Commonwealth and State Health Departments on appropriate steps. Given the evolving Coronavirus situation in Australia, the AACA has determined that the APE National Examination Paper currently scheduled for the 21 April will be postponed until 18 August.

The decision to postpone the NEP was made by the AACA after considering advice from AACA consultants, current Government advice on restrictions on gatherings of people – currently of 500 persons but likely to be tightened further – and projections of the spread of the virus over the next 6 weeks.

Candidates will be automatically enrolled in the National Examination Paper on 18 August. All Candidates will be advised of this postponement in the notice of outcome letter for APE Stage 1 issued by the Architect Registration Boards.

For further information see FAQs or contact your local Architect Registration Board.


Most candidates seeking registration as an architect in Australia are required to complete the Architectural Practice Examination unless they are eligible to achieve registration via another pathway.

The purpose of the Architectural Practice Examination is to ensure that persons applying to be admitted to a Register of Architects in any state or territory in Australia have an adequate knowledge and understanding of the practice of architecture in Australia and a capacity to exercise professional skill.

The AACA National Standard of Competency for Architects sets out the benchmark competency against which an applicant for registration as an architect in Australia is measured.  The Standard describes what is reasonably expected of a person who can demonstrate the standard of skill, care and diligence widely accepted in Australia as a competent professional architectural practitioner.

The Architectural Practice Examination has been adopted by all Australian state and territory architect registration boards as the national examination in architectural practice used to determine eligibility for registration as an architect.  Candidates apply to sit the exam through the architect registration board in the state or territory where they live. The results of the Architectural Practice Examination are accepted by all boards regardless of which state or territory the candidates sat the examination.

The Architectural Practice Examination is conducted twice each year. It comprises three parts. Once all requirements of the three-part Architectural Practice Examination have been satisfactorily met, candidates can apply to the architect registration board in the state or territory in which they wish to practice.

Most Australian state and territory architect registration boards offer preparatory briefing sessions for candidates.

Application forms for the Architectural Practice Examination, and details of briefing sessions are available from each architect registration board.

Architectural Practice Examination Part 1

Logbook and Statement of Practical Experience
Candidates are required to hold an accredited qualification, or equivalent, and must undertake and record a minimum period of practical experience.

Architectural Practice Examination Part 2

National Examination Paper 

Once the practical experience requirements are satisfied, candidates sit the computer-based National Examination Paper.

Architectural Practice Examination Part 3

Examination by Interview

After satisfactory completion the National Examination Paper, candidates sit the Examination by Interview.


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