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NEW: Online payments

From the 1st of December 2017 AACA only accepts online credit card payments, by VISA or Mastercard. 

Applicants who paid their application fee through bank transfer or other payment methods before 1st of December 2017 should send us their application form, supporting documentation and proof of payment within 14 days after the payment was made.

To make an online payment please go to the Forms and Fees page.

If you have any queries regarding your payment please contact AACA.

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The 2017 Griffin Lecture with George Megalogenis, journalist, political commentator and author

On 9th November, journalist, political commentator and author, George Megalogenis delivered the 2017 Griffin Lecture* at the National PressClub. His lecture made the case for a big Australia without a big Sydney and Melbourne, and explained why decentralisation is our number one policy challenge for the 21st century. Our thanks to Tim Horton, Registrar, NSW Architects Registration Board for his review of the lecture for Foreground which can be read here

To read a full transcript of the 2017 Griffin Lecture, please click HERE

Photo: Tim Horton, Registrar NSW Architects Registration Board


*The Architects Accreditation Council of Australia has been a supporter of the Griffin Lecture for a number of years. Named in honour of Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony, the aim of the lecture is to address big issues in architecture and design; to examine national matters of interest in the built environment. The lecture is delivered by individuals of the time – commentators, politicians and the profession. Previous speakers include Gough Whitlam, John Gorton, architects Roy Grounds and Romaldo Giurgola, Manning Clarke, Lucy Turnbull and Clover Moore.

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APE Exam dates for 2018

Dates for the 2018 National Examination Paper have been announced:


Session 1:            17th April 2018

Session 2:            21st August 2018


For further information please contact the Architects Registration Board in your state or territory.


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Draft Architecture Accreditation Procedure in Australia and New Zealand available for comment

The Draft Architecture Accreditation Procedure in Australia and New Zealand has been distributed for comment. The Procedure is based upon the Final Recommendations of the ANZAP Review Development Group of July 2017.  

The Architecture Accreditation Procedure in Australia and New Zealand will come in to effect in 2018.

We invite comments from all stakeholders on the Procedure and the Guidance Notes developed thus far. Reporting Templates and further Guidance Notes  will be developed over the coming months in response to feedback.

The Accreditation Procedure in Australia and New Zealand is administered by the AACA on behalf of the Architect Registration Boards. The Australian Institute of Architects, as the key professional association, is a major stakeholder in accreditation and will sit on the Accreditation Management Committee responsible for oversight of the Procedure.

The Accreditation Management Committee will meet for the first time in mid-November 2017.

All programs, regardless of where they are in the accreditation cycle, will move to Annual Reporting in 2018 (due in September each year).

The first Accreditation Review Panels to be held under the revised Accreditation procedure are expected to begin rolling out from September 2018. The Secretariat will work closely with Providers who are due for an Accreditation Review Panel Visit in 2018.

The costs of implementing the procedure over the 5 year cycle will be shared between the AACA (on behalf of the Architect Registration Boards) and the Program providers.

Calls for expression of interest to join the Standing Panels will be issued shortly. A Training package will be developed for Providers and Training panel Members and implemented by 31 May 2018.

To facilitate reporting by the programs we are looking to develop a portal on AACA’s website by 30 June 2018 for providers to:

  • access information and guidance
  • access reporting templates
  • communicate with the Secretariat
  • submit annual reports
  • submit the Provider Accreditation Statement prior to the 5 yearly Accreditation Review Panel

       Please provide any comments to [email protected] by 3 November 2017. 

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Update on the transition to implementation of the 2018 accreditation procedure

The 2017 National Visiting Panels and Interim Review Panels or equivalent reporting options are being implemented between August and October.
The newly established Accreditation Management Committee will meet for the first time in early September to review the draft manual, guidance and reporting templates prior to the documents being issued for comment in mid-September.
More info…
• July-September 2015 AIA – AACA Liaison Group agree the terms of reference, timeframe and membership of the panel for the review of the 2013 ANZAPAP
• June 2016 – Stage 1 Report of the Review of the ANZAPAP released
• September 2016 – terms of reference, timeframe and membership pf the Development Group agreed by the AIA-AACA Liaison Group
• March – April 2017 consultation period for recommendations from the Development Group
• July 2017 – Final Recommendations released
• July 2017 – Secretariat moved to AACA
• August – October 2017 (5) – National Visiting Panels implemented in accordance with 2013 ANZAPAP
• August – October 2017 – (7) – interim review panels or equivalent implemented in accordance with 2013 ANZAPAP
• August – October 2017 working with stakeholders as the manual, guidance and reporting templates are developed
• September 2017 – Accreditation Management Group meets for first time – comprising one member from each of the stakeholder groups:
• Heads of Schools
• Architect Registration Boards
• Deans of the Built Environment
• Draft guidance and accreditation manual available for comment mid-September
• Late November revised accreditation procedure finalised
• January 2018 – revised accreditation procedure takes effect
9 August 2017

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National Program of Assessment applications – closes on 2nd June 2017

The NPrA is a competency based assessment for practitioners who have substantial skills and experience in the architectural profession, but do not have a recognised qualification. Successful completion of the NPrA provides entry to the Architectural Practice Examination.

Submissions are accepted from candidates with qualifications ranging from undergraduate degrees in architecture; undergraduate degrees in design; technical experience in building design, drafting and technology. All candidates must have relevant  industry experience over the last seven years. In 2015/16 67% of candidates who completed the NPrA Program were successful.

Applications for the National Program of Assessment (NPrA) 2017 close on Friday 2nd June 2017.

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ANZAPAP Review – Stakeholder Consultation during March and April

A review of the Australian and New Zealand Architecture Program Accreditation Procedure (ANZAPAP) was initiated in mid 2015 by the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA).

An initial round of stakeholder consultations was conducted in early 2016 and the Stage 1 Final Report was completed in June 2016. The ANZAPAP Development Group began work in September 2016 on the development of the Stage 1 Final Recommendations.

A further round of Stakeholder Consultation is now underway. The Stakeholder Consultation Pack can be accessed from this link.

Stakeholder feedback must be submitted in writing to [email protected] by no later than 30th April 2017.

An additional draft document providing Evidence Guidelines for providers and panel members has been released on 3 April as an Addendum.  Please access the document via this link.

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