Change to the delivery platform for the National Examination Paper in 2020

The platform for the 2020 National Examination Paper will change to an on-line remote proctored platform via candidates’ individual devices.

Given the continuing challenges posed by COVID 19 AACA determined, in consultation with the Architect Registration Boards, that the most practicable and fair way of implementing the NEP in 2020 is to move from the computer testing centre platform to online delivery via remote proctoring.

What is online remote proctoring?

Remote proctoring involves sitting the exam under live supervision using the computer’s webcam in a suitable location with internet connectivity.  We will partner with, ProctorU*, who will provide the technical basis for each candidate to provide their own platform for the exam.  ACER continues their services in professional advice on the exam and works with ProctorU to implement the exam.

*ProctorU is a US based company providing their services across the world.

Watch this SHORT VIDEO for an understanding of how remote proctoring works.

How will online remote proctoring work for the August NEP?

  • There is no change to the role of the Architect Registration Boards in reviewing the logbooks and Statement of Practical Experience to determine eligibility for the exam.
  • There is no change to the content and format of the exam. Candidates will see the exam in the same format as they would if they were sitting the exam in an examination centre.
  • There will be no change to the way in which the exam results are issued to candidates.

 What happens if candidates experience IT problems during the exam?

ProctorU and ACER have systems in place to deal with IT issues before and during the exam, and the system has the capacity to allow extra time for candidates to complete the exam depending on the problem.

What are the provisions in place to minimise the risk of cheating in the exam?

The exam will be conducted by remote proctoring under secure examination conditions pre-examination, during the exam and post exam through documentation review. 

ProctorU’s ‘Live+’ option is the best option for high-stakes programs looking to maintain integrity and credibility.  Candidates download an app that allows ProctorU to download the exam at the specific time and to allow keystroke monitoring and active live proctoring throughout the session via the candidate’s camera on their device.  This system facilitates active intervention if any cheating behaviours are noted during the exam and also allows post examination intervention if necessary as all interviews are documented.

Before starting the exam, candidates will be connected to a live proctor who will take them through an extensive checking and security process including, but not limited to, ensuring a workspace that is free of prohibited materials, such as reference texts or mobile devices.  The online live proctor and AI programs that support them will monitor candidate activity at all times throughout the test.

 What happens next?

All candidates who are already enrolled in Session 1 of the NEP will be contacted by the Architect Registration Board where the application was made with detailed information on how the process will work.

Candidates who are successfully enrolled in Session 2 of the NEP which closes mid-June will receive detailed information on how the process will work with their letter of offer.

The AACA will provide updates in the Procedure for Candidates via the APE section of the AACA website and Architect Registration Board websites.  PALs and PARC co-ordinators and other interested stakeholders will also be kept informed of the changed process. 




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