National Standard of Competency for Architects

The National Standard of Competency for Architects (NSCA)

The National Standard of Competency for Architects establishes the Standard for architectural education and assessment of professional competency prior to registration as an Architect in Australia. The Standard identifies the primary activities that are fundamental to the practice of architecture and in relation to which an architect is expected to demonstrate competence in the delivery of professional services.

Mapping of Assessment Programs
The Standard maps the development of competency on the path to registration as an architect in Australia.
Briefing: National Standard of Competency
Accreditation of Architecture Programs

Quick Reference Guide for Accreditation Procedure Documents and Resources

Accredited Architecture Qualifications

List of Accredited Architecture Qualifications for the purpose of registration as an architect.

Benchmarking Australia with other registration systems (June 2017)

Comparison of Australia’s regulatory framework of registration of architects with New Zealand, the UK, the USA

Architecture Program Accreditation Procedure in Australia and New Zealand 2018
Accreditation Management Committee Terms of Reference
Code of Conduct
Guidance – Operation of the Accreditation Standing Panel
Guidance – Administrative support required of the Program Provider during an Accreditation Site Visit
Guidance – New Programs
Guidance – Planning Timeframes for Accreditation Review Panels
Guidance – Provider Annual Reporting
Guidance – Standard Agenda for the Accreditation Site Visit
Guidance – Provider Accreditation Submission
Guidance – Operation of the Accreditation Review Panel
Guidance – Exhibition of Student Work

Architecture Program Accreditation Procedure 2018 – Full document set

This download contains the main procedural document and all supporting guidance documents in a single PDF.
Nomination Form for the Accreditation Standing Panel
Stakeholder Update Report, December 2018
Stakeholder Update Report, June 2018
Stakeholder Update Report, March 2018
Transition Guidance for the Architecture Program Accreditation Procedure 2018
Australian Architectural Education and Competency Framework Final Report (March 2016)
Summary of Amendments, May 2018

Accreditation Review Panel Report Template

Accreditation Review Panel Report Part 7 PC Not Met Template

Provider Response to the Accreditation Review Panel Report Template

Provider Annual Report Template

Administrative Guidance for preparing Provider Annual Reports

Accreditation Procedure Clarifications (Sep 2018)

Accreditation Fee Schedule FY2018-19

Accreditation Standing Panel (As at July 2018)

Resource – Diagram: Key Provider and Panel Activities for an Accreditation Review Panel

Resource – Diagram: Accreditation Review Panel Report and Accreditation Decision

Resource – Diagram: Provider Annual Reporting Requirements

Resource – How to write an action item

Resource – Quick reference for NSCA Performance Criteria

Administrative and Travel Policy for Accreditation Activities

Accreditation Activity Reimbursements Claim Form

Sample invoice for claiming payment of a Sitting Fee

Architectural Practice Exam
Logbook of Experience in Architectural Practice 
The objective of Part 1 – Logbook and Statement of Practical Experience is to determine eligibility for entry to the Architectural Practice Examination.
Candidates review the Procedure for Candidates Booklet before starting the Logbook.

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Revised NEP – Important Information for Candidates

The AACA has a policy of continuous improvement to all assessment programs.  This information outlines the main changes to the National Examination Paper which will be implemented in April 2018.

General Publications
A History of the Incorporation of the AACA and the National Competency Standards in Architecture.   Kirsten Orr, 2015.
AACA Current Constitution
AACA Fee Schedule 2019
Architectural Education Study Call for Expressions of Interest
Regulation of the Architect Profession within Australia – A Summary Of Australian State and Territory Legislation
Industry Profile: The Profession of Architecture in Australia
Mutual Recognition Arrangement between the US, Australia and New Zealand
Galaxy Poll: The Benefit of Design
AACA Research Strategy – Collect Connect Inform
AACA/RAIA Joint Policy On Continuing Professional Development
Architects’ Model Statutory Code of Professional Standards and Conduct
AACA Strategic Plan 2017-2019
AACA Annual Report 2017-18
AACA Annual Report 2016-17
AACA Annual Report 2015-16
AACA Annual Report 2014-15
Briefing Slides for Experienced Overseas Practitioners
AACA Research: Architectural Education and the Profession in Australia and New Zealand
Architectural Education and the Profession Study Research Plan
Online Academic Survey Information Sheet
Research Study Summary
Practitioner Survey Plain Language Statement
Experienced Practitioner Assessment
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