Overseas Qualifications Assessment Stage 2 – Final Assessment

Stage 2 is the Final Assessment and verification of an overseas architecture qualification and is conducted via interview.

The AACA considers applications for Stage 2 Final Assessments on a case by case basis. In forming its opinion on the status of an academic qualification, AACA reviews the documentation submitted by the applicant and arranges an interview, in the applicants State or Territory. At the interview Assessors will discuss:

• Content of the course leading to your qualification(s); and

• Portfolio provided with your application to determine the extent to which you meet the competencies required of a current Australian accredited architecture course.

Overseas Qualification Assessment applicants are assessed against relevant components of the National Standard of Competency for Architects (NSCA), being the same competencies that apply to an Australian accredited qualification in architecture. This includes most of the performance criteria from the Design Unit of Competency and selected performance criteria from the Documentation, Project Delivery and Practice Management Units of Competency. These competencies reflect the fundamental technical abilities expected of a graduate from a five year full time program of study. The applicable NSCA Competencies for a Stage 2 Final Assessment are outlined in the Application Form.

Successful Stage 2 applicants are eligible to undertake the APE before applying to a State or Territory registration board to become registered as an architect. The Overseas Qualification Assessment process does not provide an Australian qualification; its purpose is to grant access to the APE process and/or meet the documentary requirements of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

The Stage 2 Final Assessment DOES include advice on how to upgrade your academic qualification(s) to meet the comparability requirements of an Australian accredited academic qualification in Architecture.

Please note:
• You must have completed Stage 1 Provisional Assessment to apply for Stage 2.
• You must be a resident in Australia to apply for Stage 2.
• This interview is only undertaken in Australia in the English language.

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